A Short (but Illustrious) History

The Fort Collins, Colorado musical, comedy, parody group now known as "The Mostlies" was conceived in 1992 during a cast party for the wonderfully whimsical musical, "Tom Foolery." While that was the final offering of the Foothills Civic Theatre, it was the beginning of a new form of Fort Collins theatre.

Originally called "The Mostly Not Ready for OpenStage Players," the troupe’s debut appearance was in the historic Northern Hotel on College Ave, in the appropriately tagged "Bar Bazaar" They shared the tiny stage with an inoperative swamp cooler and a pole, at the front of the stage. They also had an occasional inebriate who wandered off-course on the way to the restrooms. It wasn’t an ideal venue, but the originators were encouraged by the warm reception of the first audiences and decided to continue their parody-revue format for another year, but in a different establishment!

Dawn and Company, at the Sunset Jazz Club, hosted the gang for seven years in a smoke- and swamp cooler-free environment, though like the Bar Bazaar, the Sunset’s stage also had a pole in the exact center, a visual challenge and also a prop of sorts. Each year audiences increased as word of The Mostlies’ brand of humor spread around the city. Set to familiar tunes, the lyrics – all original – were spicy, sometimes naughty, and always timely. No one was spared! From the White House to a local house of ill-repute, road construction, DIA, City Council, and college riots, all were touted with the same genuine lack of respect!

It was during the Sunset years that a problem arose with the group’s name. While the cast understood that being Mostly Not Ready for OpenStage etc. meant they weren’t affiliated with that stellar organization, other folks didn’t grasp the concept, including some reporters at our city’s local newspaper, the Coloradoan! So, to make it easier for people to write checks for their tickets, the Players voted to reduce their name to simply "The Mostlies." That way, they could be Mostly Not Ready for the Millennium, or the Election, or another "Indiana Jones" Sequel!


Though the name changed, the quality of the material has remained high. In the summer of 2001, The Mostlies moved into the Fort Collins Lincoln Center’s Mini Theater and Loveland’s Rialto Theater. While not the same as their previous "Cabaret" setting (drinking always helps) these two venues provide a more comfortable setting for the audience and more technical control for the gang. So social commentary has found a home wherever The Mostlies perform! With all that’s happening in the world, they will probably be around for another ten years …let’s hope so.